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The spring and summer months are when most people focus on pest control.  However, just because temperatures are dropping as we enter winter doesn’t mean you can rest easy. There are multiple types of winter pests in Arizona that you need to be aware of.

Though Arizona residents experience mild winters, the nights get cold enough for some pests to take refuge indoors, searching for warmer temperatures and food influx. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the regular summer and spring pest control schedule in winters too.

While the mosquitos may be gone for now, you need to watch out for these pests that can ruin your enjoyment of the winter season.


Spiders seek out the warmth of your home during the winters in Arizona. Many spiders that may take residence in your abode  re harmless, like the cellar spider—commonly known as the “Daddy Long-Legs Spider” in the United States—which is an example of an arachnid that poses no threat to humans, but is a predator to other insects. 

However, the same is not true for two incredibly poisonous spiders that thrive in Arizona- the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow. These small but nefarious spiders are commonly found nestled in dark spaces- like boxes of decorations or clothes piles.  The most recognizable spider in the country-, the Black Widow- with its distinct, red hourglass mark, takes refuge in garages or in attics. Whereas the Brown Recluse, with its white violin shape marking on its back, are commonly found in basements. As venomous species, both can pose a threat to you and your family; making winter protection crucial.


While not posing any poisonous threats like other pests, ants are certainly no picnic. Ants are less active outside during the winter, as they tend to hibernate under the ground during the colder months. However, once inside your home, ants bask in the warmth and begin to start their foraging behaviors. In this way, ants can be one of the more surprising- and obnoxious- winter pests in Arizona.


There is a reason folks move to Arizona for the winter. Mild weather and little to no threat of freezing temps.  While this winter climate is close to paradise, it comes with a price. The majority of calls regarding pest removal in the winter are related to mice problems. These furry fiends can wreak havoc on homes, so we’re here to help you identify these pests and remove them for good.

Like all creatures, mice need adequate food and shelter to survive. During the colder months, your home offers protection, warmth, food sources, and protection from predators

  • Drawers – An unused sliding drawer filled with paper provides the perfect spot for a mouse nest
  • Wall voids – Mice will chew through drywall in order to get into these quiet, hidden areas.
  • Voids under floor cabinets.
  • Refrigerator motor compartments and voids under other kitchen appliances – Rodents will often chew wiring and cause damage resulting in costly repairs.
  • Garage clutter – Little-used, concealed areas full of debris are prime targets for mouse nests.
Be Proactive

The winter season is a time when many pests are setting up nests that set you up for a bigger problem once the spring hatches arrive. Never let a suspected pest problem go unattended. They only tend to get worse.

Instead, be proactive by arranging to have your home treated to prevent pests. You’ll protect your property and feel safe and secure all year round.