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Residential Pest Control & Exterminators in Mesa, AZ

Protecting your home from unwanted guests.

Our goal is to help create an enjoyable and safe environment for your family, year-round. Let us worry about preventing pest problems so you can focus on what really matters.
With eco-friendly products, we provide a pest solution that is safe for everyone in the home.

Customized Pest Control Built around You


Prior to each service, our residential pest control services in Mesa, AZ will perform a thorough inspection of any and all pest activity around the home. We are looking for any signs of new activity, as well as checking our progress and success from previous treatments.

Treatment Plan

The best way to provide consistent results is to service your home regularly, year round. We offer monthly and bi-monthly service options throughout all four seasons to manage and prevent as much pest activity as possible. With our pest-free guarantee, we will provide a free re-service if any pest problem persists after treatment.


We’re here to make things easy and enjoyable for you. Panda stands above our competition with faster scheduling, better servicing, and more payment methods. You’ll quickly see why most of our customers have become raving fans.

Residential Pest Control & Exterminators in Mesa, AZ

Exterior Service

We start with a 6-foot power spray barrier around the entire exterior of your home. This helps to prevent any pest activity from making its way inside.

Special attention is paid around all external doors and entry points. We also remove spider webs and offer wasp nest removal in Mesa, AZ.

Interior Service

When treating the interior of a home, we spray around all baseboards throughout the home. We spend extra time and attention in all “wet areas” of the home; bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Any entry points into the home are also treated (including sliding glass doors and doggie doors).

Extended Barrier

We continue to push your protective barrier out as far as possible across your property.

This includes treating around all landscaping or xeriscaped areas. Additional product is applied around all sidewalks and fences.

Detached Structures

Detached structures on your property can be a hot bed of pest activity. As part of our general pest coverage, we treat all of the following areas:

  • casitas
  • detached garages
  • sheds
  • workshops
  • pergolas
  • gazebos
  • external dwellings
Scorpion Treatment

Arizona is home to many species of scorpion, including the bark scorpion which is the most venomous type in North America.

We treat the interior and exterior of your home to remove and prevent all scorpion activity. Remember to ask us about our Scorpion Guarantee. 

*Our scorpion treatment is included with our general pest service at no additional cost.

Mosquito Abatement

Mosquitoes in Arizona are a nuisance year-round, with higher rates of activity during summer and autumn months. We target the areas where mosquitoes live and breed by fogging all landscaping areas around the your property.

*Mosquito Abatement is a specialty service. Please contact us for additional details and pricing.

Rodent Suppression

Rodents can be an annoyance around your home. Mice in Arizona have also been confirmed to carry the Hantavirus.

We employ multiple methods to both prevent and eliminate rodents from your property. As every case is unique and requires a customized approach, we offer a free inspection to confirm all rodent activity.

Industry-leading guarantees

Scorpion Free

Arizona is home to more than 40 different species of scorpions. Our Mesa, AZ exterminators product offers a 100% scorpion free guarantee.

Price Lock

Unlike most companies, we won’t increase our prices on you. What you signed up for is what you pay. Period.


Our products come from organic sources. They are pet and eco friendly and have the highest industry standards.


Not satisfied with your service? Not a problem. We offer unlimited, free re-services until the problem is solved.




We're here to help you.

(480) 933-7176
3820 E Main St, Unit #5
Mesa, AZ 85205

Message us below for your free quote, complimentary inspection, and details about current specials in your area.
We're here to help you.

(480) 933-7176
3820 E Main St, Unit #5
Mesa, AZ 85205


Message us below for your free quote, complimentary inspection, and details about current specials in your area.