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From Just a Creek..

Stepping back only a few decades ago, Queen Creek would have looked a lot different.  In fact, thirty-five years ago, Queen Creek wasn’t even a town. It was just a desert farming community called Rittenhouse, located in the foothills below the San Tan Mountains, an hour southeast of Phoenix. Citrus, cotton, vegetables, and pecans grew in abundance across the area’s expansive farmland. The main reason people knew it existed was because of Schnepf Farms, where city folks would sometimes come to pick their own peaches and corn.

To a Royal City…

Years after incorporating as a town in 1989, growth in Queen Creek was slow. Twenty years ago, the population was a modest 3,700 residents. And 10 years ago, it wasn’t much more than a Walmart and a QuikTrip surrounded by 26,000 people. Today?  Queen Creek is booming. With nearly 70,000 residents and more arriving every day, it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in Arizona.

It’s hard to miss the signs of rapid growth. From rapid real estate expansion to brand-new shopping centers that overtake your view as you enter the town. Construction crews and road closures herald new housing developments and infrastructure improvements. Earlier this year, Queen Creek landed on one of those lists that municipalities love to trumpet: named it a Top 10 suburb in the nation to move.

While it’s growth out matches most of it’s neighboring cities, Queen Creek is often referred too as the “best kept secret” in Arizona. Big city growth with a small town feel. Yes, it is still accessible to major business centers and shopping outlets, but Queen Creek is minutes away from some of the best hiking trails within the San Tan Valley.  Other nearby recreational attraction include various golf courses throughout the community.

Trouble in Paradise

While quaint and cozy and home to some of the best recreational activities you can find in Arizona, this desert climate fosters the perfect home for some of Arizona’s most notorious pests. Rodents are a year round pest in Queen Creek. While there are several type of rodents lurking about, the most common is the deer mouse. Signs of these furry fiends are easy to spot as they often leave traces of nesting activities around the home.

One of the most notorious of the pests lurking within Queen Creek are scorpions. While there are only 1000+ species of scorpions in the region, two particular species should cause concern for Queen Creek residents.  The Desert Hairy Scorpion-North America’s largest scorpion at 5-7” in length. Because it is covered in tiny brown hairs, the Desert Hairy Scorpion it easy to spot. And of course, it is accompanied by a standard scorpion pair of pincers, and a venomous tail. And the Bark Scorpion. Which is known as one of the most venomous scorpions in North America. Light brown in color, and up to 3” in length, these little invaders tend to hide in bathtubs and closets. Because these pests can cause some serious problems, it is imperative to protect your home and family.

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